About Us

Our Story

Utila Bodden Rentals is a familly locally owned company that rents golfcart, ATV, UTV, motorcycle, moped, bicycles, boats and different types of tools, from mechanical workshop to gardening and more. We are always socially involved in our community.

Also, our company provides trips and trours around the island always having fun in the sun when we take our clients on tubeing trips, fishing trips, ski/wakeboard trips and so much more.

In addition, we are an authorized mechanical workshop for YAMAHA, HONDA, SUZUKI, GRUPO UMA, ITALIKA; wether is for land vehicles or outerboard motors.


How We Started

It goes back to 2005 when the founder of the company, Lance Bodden, started renting bycicles to the locals on Utila, the idea had such an impact on the people, little by little Mr. Lance started incorporating more and different vehicles at the time. With Utila Bodden Rentals being the first place to bring golfcarts on Utila.

After that great start, Mr. Lance decided to start doing trips around the island. Now a day, we have over 15 different activities you can do on boats with us.

At the same time when everything was being rented, the shop had started to have of course the mechanical service for our vehicles and later on started taking clients vehicles in any repair they need.

Our shop currently is a hardware shop. Plus customazable shop for shirts, mugs, keychains, bottles, caps, glasses, vases and a lot of different thing. We also provide secretary services for all the paperwork you need.

Home is Utila


Safety is Our Priority

Of course that Utila beside being one of the most cheapest places to begin your diving career, is also known as a party island. We also instruct our client which is the right way to do things so that nothing bad happens. Golfcarts, as we know do not have seat belts, so their is a limit in speed on the roads you cannot exceed.

Our boats are all equipped with life jackets, safety ropes and first aid kits.


Our Leader